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Meet Dr Keith


Author, mentor, coach and chiropractor, Dr Keith Livingstone has spoken to audiences across the globe in the UK, Ireland, USA, New Zealand and Australia.  Keith’s book, “Healthy Intelligent Training”, is 5-star Amazon-rated and based on the endurance training principles of New Zealand’s Arthur Lydiard, voted Runner’s World “Coach of the Century”.

Keith considers himself a prime example of a very talented athlete who never realized his full potential, due to not fully understanding the endurance training picture, and training too hard on occasion. He knows exactly what it is like to make major mistakes in training, because he did exactly that, many times, himself. His passion is to assist athletes and coaches to get the best from their training, and his book and training presentations are designed to “answer all the questions I had when I was aiming for the top”.

For over ten years Keith was nationally ranked as a distance runner in both New Zealand and Australia, over road, track, and cross-country, and he won a number of regional titles. On many occasions, he decisively beat individuals who were national champions or represented New Zealand or Australia in major competitions. He knew, raced, or trained with many of the great runners in New Zealand and Australia during the “golden era.”

In 1990 Keith helped his current coaching colleague John Meagher to a debut marathon time of 2 hours 16 minutes, and later to a Melbourne Marathon victory, triathlon titles, and three titles in the World Masters Games. Their “HIT Squad” currently boasts three nationally ranked senior 1500m.

Currently Keith is the main presenter of Healthy Intelligent Training Endurance Seminars. Keith explains the “what” and the “why” of Arthur Lydiard’s training methods in modern day physiology terms for the modern athlete and coach, and is intent on developing his Hitsystem interpretation of the Lydiard system into a readily-emplaced method  that can be easily accessed by any coach or athlete willing to use the resource.