Set up your training the way the world’s greatest running coach – Arthur Lydiard – did!  

Champions Are Everywhere – The Schedules – First Edition

Keith Livingstone is the author of the highly acclaimed book Healthy Intelligent Training.  This companion volume explores many of the questions Keith has been asked over the years by athletes and coaches from all corners of the globe.

Keith’s book Heatlhy Intelligent Training explores the art, science and philosophy underpinning the most effective an most proven endurance training principles in the world.

Champions are Everywhere gives athletes and coaches the tools to set up your training, including a sample training diary.

Keith is also a retired chiropractor and running coach, and is possibly one of the world’s healthiest brain cancer survivors, having outlasted his ‘terminal’ prognosis by over 12 years.  (Initially 8 years when this book was first released!)

Keith attributes the tenacity he learnt running the Lydiard way as a keystone to his survival, as well as a strong Christian faith.

For ten years, Keith ran at the elite level in New Zealand and Australia, winning quite a few races over track, road and cross-country.

Train your athletes the way the world’s greatest running coach – Arthur Lydiard – did!


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