Champions Are Everywhere The Schedules

The Philosophy, Psychology and Physiology of the Lydiard Training System combine to form the most proven and successful endurance training approach in the world.
Since New Zealander Arthur Lydiard’s local club athletes won two gold medals and one bronze in the 1960 Rome Olympics, there have been numerous validations of the general approach at Olympic and World Championship levels for endurance athletes of all types, from many different countries.
This simple book explains the core physiology concepts that Arthur Lydiard discovered, pioneered, and applied to great effect over 6 decades ago, long before the concepts were understood by science.
Like Keith Livingstone, I grew up on Lydiard. For young Kiwi runners, it was unquestionably The Way. Not from some faddish following or blind devotion, but because his system made complete and utter sense and showed consistent results. Countless Lydiard-trained runners like me enjoyed a range of abilities from middle-distance track to the marathon; significant athletic longevity, and the attainment of personal dreams. This small book expands on Keith’s original book, Healthy Intelligent Training, covering each phase in a typical Lydiard preparation in significant detail, and was written in response to queries from athletes and coaches who wanted proven schedules as templates for their own programmes.
Lorraine Moller
1992 Olympic Marathon Bronze Medalist,
Co-founder of Lydiard Foundation.

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