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Dr Keith Livingstone

A former national-level runner and race-winner over track, cross-country and road in New Zealand and Australia, Keith trained as a chiropractor while continuing to train and race.  

He has quietly coached a number of athletes of varying abilities to success, whether that be marathon, masters, school squads or those who just want to improve.

Born in Kenya in 1958, with a twin brother, Colin, the boys emigrated to New Zealand in 1965.  They found themselves living in the suburb of Owairaka, Auckland, and grew up within a few hundred metres of Arthur Lydiard’s home, eventually joining the Owairaka Athletic and Harrier Club, founded by Lydiard.  Both brothers later represented Auckland in national competition.

Keith was coached for 5 years by the family grocer – Olympic marathon medalist Barry Magee, one of Lydiard’s very first pupils, starting at 17.  Keith won an Auckland under 18, 3000m title in record time in bare feet in his first championship, after a summer of enthusiastic self-coached 100 mile weeks.

In 1982 Keith moved to Australia to study chiropractic in Melbourne.  At RMIT University he had access to some of the best facilities in Australia in sports science, bio-mechanics, anatomy and physiology.

While practicing chiropractic for many years in country Victoria, Keith maintained his interest in running and training, which led to the publication of his first book, Healthy Intelligent Training.


Dr Keith Livingstone

“The Lydiard method enabled a runner to be at his or her best on the day that mattered most, often able to run as either a stayer or as a sprinter.  The system created tough, calloused athletes who were able to win off any pace.”

Dr Keith Livingstone  

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