Dr Keith’s latest book is Staring Down the Beast – How I Enjoyed Myself Well from a Brain Tumour Death Sentence.  Released in December 2018, the author recounts his survival journey after being diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2007.   

Staring Down the Beast

Picture a former elite athlete, successful chiropractor, and father of five being told that he has a terminal brain tumour.

When it happened to Keith Livingstone, he had every excuse to immerse himself into a dark maelstrom of hopelessness.  With no known long-term survivors of glioblastoma multiforme at that time and with doctors unable to tell him how to get better, he was getting a death sentence.

But he ignored the hoplessness of his situation and got on with the job of living, enjoying himself and making light of the situation.  He also studied natural health and traditional medicine to see what he might do – if anything – to help his situation.

Slowly and steadily, he has regained his health, with a couple of setbacks along the way.  His progress would not have been possible if he had chosen to accept that he had a terminal condition.

Join the author as he looks back at his early life, family, friends, and the philosophy that has helped him wage a brave battle staring down a beast.


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