If you weren’t able to make it to the Queenstown NZ Endurance Seminar, we took video and audio and have turned it into a video course you can view in the comfort of your own home.  A special day where all things endurance and Lydiard were discussed.

Endurance Course – Videos of 2019 Seminar, Queenstown, NZ

The Course begins with stories of early Lydiard luminaries, both famous and relatively unknown.  Starting with Andy Steadman, a man who at 76 had already had three heart attacks but got so fit jogging with Arthur’s Auckland Joggers Club around Cornwall Park that he left a fit 50 year old university of Oregon track coach behind. The man he left behind was Bill Bowerman, founder of Nike, who spread the jogging message throughout the United States. You see and hear stories of other people who reached very high levels of achievement from humble beginnings, including several of New Zealand’s Masters Runners from the 1970s who were able to break 2 hrs 20 minutes in the marathon, and two of New Zealand’s greatest female runners who started off with major health challenges but who responded beautifully to the Lydiard way of doing things.

Then we discuss the Five Lydiard Training Principles, followed by a discussion about the Lydiard Training Pyramid, in some detail, and modern training theory as seen in the light of the Lydiard system. By the time you are ready for a cuppa, you’ll know about training overload, recovery, compensation, optimal compensation, training microcycles,  mesocycles and macrocycles, the Yakovlev peaking model, and how all this training theory fits into the original Lydiard context.

While you enjoy your beverage, we will move onto a discussion on the muscle fibre types, and their specific energy systems. You will learn the best workout types to stimulate specific responses in the anaerobic phases of training, and all about what happens in the machinery of the running muscles when they learn to burn fat instead of glucose or glycogen.

Time for a quick lunch break, then you will enjoy the discussion of heart rate training, and how to scientifically establish your optimal training heart rates and intensities to achieve optimal results with building your endurance base. By the time you get to afternoon tea, you will know a lot more about muscle fibres, optimal training paces, and the Daniels system method of prescribing specific training intensities, and you’ll be aware of terms like aerobic glycolysis, anaerobic glycolysis, and Max VO2, and where they all sit on a heart rate-based training continuum.

With afternoon cuppa in hand you can thenlearn about the proven Lydiard-based training plan for schoolboys at Marcellin College in Melbourne. The Marcellin programme has churned out Australian schools cross-country team and individual champions for many years, and can be adapted in many different ways.

Now an online Video Series for you,




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